What is Student Management System ?

Student Management System (SMS) is a Web based Management software, which is built using PHP Programming language and My SQL database. SMS is a storable software which can store the personal and profile details data of the student or Staff. Here we can manage bopth personal and profile information of the student in school & colleges and of Staff in office.


The main objective of SMS is to store and manage all the information of he student and staff. Here we can store and manage the  admission details, bus route, Payment details, Certificate issue information for stuident in a school and college. Other hand we can store and manage staff personal & Professional details, Qualification, experiance, Salary information in office.

Where it can be used ?

This can be used in educational institutions like school, colleges, coaching classes, Distance Educatio Center as well as diffrent type of corporate office.


What we can manage by it

1. Student information details

2. Fees payment details

3. Examination Mark

4. Monthely Student attandance details

5. Manage opnion for guardian

6. Certificate verification

7. Library Management system

8. Provide User Id and Password to the Guardian for Login. (By which they can know about his child details like about Attanadance, Mark in Exam, Payment details, Remark etc. )

9. Staff Information details

10. Staff Salary Payment details

11. Staff Login Details

12. Easy Serach method  student or staff as per the ID or name.

13. We can print information as per our search.

14. We can get Statement as per our requirement..

We can develop the School & College management system as per the client requirements.


Total cost- 20000/- (Twenty Thousand rupees only) (with Domain Name, 2GB Srever Space & Static Website)

   Total cost- 17000/- (Seventeen Thousand rupees only) (with Domain Name, 2GB Srever Space)

For Coaching Center : visit the demo panel here. View Demo

For School & College : visit the demo panel here. View Demo


Student Management System Software provided by SWS is a best for all School, Colege, Coaching Center, by which you can manage the student's Personal, educational information, fees details, monthly attendence details, exam progress card details etc.

Posted by: Sneha Gupta

This is a Great Online Examination software, by which you give online set practices of Banking, Railway, SSC, OSSC pattern. Here large nubers of Practice set are there which is best reference for you. I always recomended the online exam by SWS.

Posted by: Arbind Kumar